Hi, my name is Felippe Nardi

I create scalable Single Page Applications with AngularJS

I'm Javascript Engineer & AngularJS TDD Specialist

Here's my story...

I've been helping SaaS and Enterprise startups all across the globe and mentoring dozens of Javascript developers over the last couple of years. I'm eager to team up with amazing individuals building something meaningful. I'm a Senior Javascript Engineer with TDD as a core value and 3+ years of advanced AngularJS and CSS Modular Architecture experience.

Check out some of my projects and passions


Timely App

Timely App is a San Francisco startup making a time tracker app that you will actually love. I helped them bootstrap their AngularJS application with seamless synchronization with the iPhone and Apple Watch Apps using Firebase.io.


Ftopia is a Paris File Sharing SaaS that has just recently turned into a decentralized organization. I helped them build their fully-featured web app where users upload, manage and share files.


ConvertKit is a fast-paced email marketing platform for professional bloggers. I helped them improve their Angular JS architecture with tests and best practices. In the way, I teamed with them to rebuild a core piece of their software: the email sequence editor, used by hundred of users to send millions of emails every day.

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